"LET'S LABEL IT" Ourselves, Shock and Awe Mass Therapy

The most important task from today on is waking up the masses to the human tragedy in which we survive in order to deprive the tyranny of its most useful combustible: us. Without the million hands at its disposal, the tyranny will cease from itself with no war, no revolution and no blood.

As noted recently, some 'conspiracy theories' are rising their heads over the surface and some are going mainstream (Even the NY Times is now Rejecting Monsanto GMO Science) but this is far from enough and, since time is short at the pace the planet and its inhabitants are threatened with the proliferation of tragedies with no return, from radiations to GMOs, we must take the matter in our own hands quickly and worldwide.

What may matter the most to all people not aware yet of the rapidly advancing modifications of the environment, social like natural, is their health  - “Vegan Secrets (Or why my Skin is AlwaysGlowing)”. But, this trend will soon fall into the hands of the Powers to Be because they hijack whatever trend that looks good to drive up their profits and deceive the masses as they have done already with 'biofuels' that are already more devastating than fossil fuels for example.

To do that, no better than a public campaign organized by all the concerned individuals with a simple but always effective mean: stickers. But, not the ones you can see on cars: small ones pasted directly on products in the shelves of supermarkets like this example: (maybe palm oil is not directly a nutrition threat but what's important is the concept: simple, low cost ...)

This idea came to me because I recently bought cookies that I trusted were pretty inoffensive and I didn’t read the ingredients list as I usually do, but, tonight, I had a comeback at it and I discovered palm oil listed as vegetable. My first act was to throw away the pack with anger at myself and disgust at the factory boss, but I thought about taking the fact as a catalyst that could sweep the world intensely and pretty quickly. 

This action is simple, it will make headlines, does not broke the law - or so little -, can be done by all of us. 
What we would need is lists of additives, products ... that could be easily made available by sites like Natural News, Mercola, Green Med, Waking Times and all others involved already, and print the stickers, no big deal isnt'it ?

(Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap Water)

(All the Damning Information on Aspartame)

Well, there is now a GREAT article on the subject by Charles DYLAN of Wakingtimes:
... and there is a site just doing what I thought :

I have found another try to label products that, at first glance looks honorable and well thought: "My Dream Food Label", but, this is in fact a way to tolerate malware and disperse real accountability because food should be first and foremost natural and grown by well retributed farmers without any need of labeling except to wake up people.


I could manage such a project both in France & in Israel !!

My daughter is a young graphic designer ready to get involved.

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